SMART Student Program

CONTEXT: Developing life-long learning skills in an individual context, applicable for students in any setting. Planning the future and investment in personal growth achieved in a SMART way, are the main components of this SMART activity.

STRUCTURE: The SMART Student Program is designed as one or more days of educational courses to promote a new approach to life-long learning and professional development. The main objective is to develop the competence of self-directed learning while students are still in an undergraduate environment. Interactive courses, lectures and workshops are provided by experienced mentors and leaders, enhancing the participants’ motivation, skills, attitudes and values.

PROCESS: The process of learning starts with pre-reading, self-assessment of competence and designing the future development path. Following SMART Learning Objectives, participants will plan to apply new skills and knowledge in their future practice and to follow up on their own success.

OUTCOME: Participants will learn about personal, professional and management competencies, to develop themselves as a learner for life. Motivation and dedication to advance will grow.

IMPACT: Visible and measurable outcomes are achieved through setting SMART goals. Participants learn to plan their learning, development and growth, which opens new horizons, and set new levels of achievements.

Some of the available SMART Student Program courses are:

                      • Personal Communication Styles
                      • Learning Styles
                      • Presentation Skills
                      • SMART Goals and How to Achieve Them
                      • Feedback and Assertive Communication
                      • Life-Long Learning and Continuing Professional Development
                      • Students Portfolio
                      • SWOT Analysis
                      • Teamwork
                      • Leadership


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