The SMART Pharmacist Program is a sustainable, evidence-based educational initiative, designed for national professional institutions, associations, and chambers to foster changes in the pharmacy profession.

The SMART Pharmacist Program involves all elements of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Model, including application and impact on everyday pharmacy practice.

Quality of education is assured by appropriate structure, process and outcomes of learning, all designed in the national context and with strong impact on patient care and the personal motivation of pharmacists. 

CONTEXT: The SMART Pharmacist Program is designed with involvement of all national stakeholders to address national needs and the specific country context.

STRUCTURE: Education and application processes address all components of competency: knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.

PROCESS: Implementation starts with the Innovation Workshop, defining specific goals, and engagement of the local leaders. The Train-the-Trainer workshops follow to build local capacity and use of national tools in the development process.

OUTCOMES: A new competency-based educational model for pharmacists is established and new services for patients are developed.

IMPACT: When managed with strong leadership and motivation, it has been shown that the SMART Program shows results at the individual pharmacist, organizational, national and patient levels.

***To achieve the status of “SMART Pharmacist,” participants need to open and to start using a SMART Pharmacist Portfolio, which includes reflection, evaluation (competency self-assessment, Indicators of Quality for patient services), planning their learning (defining SMART learning objectives) and application – the implementation phase. Once they can demonstrate an increase in competency levels, as well as results at the patient level, they are recognized as “SMART Pharmacists.”


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